Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special EventWorking With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

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Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

Planning a wedding and not sure what to do about food? Putting together a big party or family reunion and can't figure out what to serve? I've been there and done that – in fact, I've put together seven special events in the last decade and I know just how stressful putting together a menu can be. Working with a food service provider is the first step in taking some of the pressure off, but you'll still have to deal with choosing the food and ambience for your event. On this blog, I hope to provide you with plenty of advice and insight into planning the food portion of your event with the help of a professional food service company. I hope the information here helps you create a great memory that is sure to last a lifetime.

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Services Offered By Most Butcher Shops Many Consumers Know Nothing About

When you think about food service, who is it you think of? If you are like most consumers, you will say a chef, a waiter or waitress, a bartender, or perhaps even a cake decorator. However, there is one food service professional that just does not get the attention that they once did; a butcher. Butchers play a huge role in food service. They make it possible for you to have perfectly cut ribeyes on the dinner table and flavorful sausage in the morning and many other forms of meat you probably eat on a regular basis. Take a look at some of the other services often offered by butchers that could make you appreciate these professionals as the faces of food service even more. 

Butchers will usually cut meat for you that you bring to them in their place of business. 

You don't necessarily have to buy your meat from a butcher for them to cut it for you. In fact, most butchers offer cutting and chopping services to customers for a small fee. If you find a large ham on sale at a local grocery store, for example, you could take this to the butcher and have it sliced and wrapped into smaller servings. 

Butchers typically offer small game processing. 

If you are an avid fisherman or hunter, you probably bring in a lot of your own meat, but may not always look forward to the process of cleaning it and getting it ready for the freezer or the plate. Many local butcher shops do offer game processing for smaller animals, such as squirrel, rabbit, and small game birds. Plus, they will also typically clean fresh fish and package them for you as well. Sometimes a butcher shop will even process larger game animals, such as elk, deer, and sheep. 

Butchers will give you great insight into what types of meats work well for specific dishes. 

Most people do not think of butchers as being knowledgeable about food, but meat is truly their area of expertise. They can often tell you how much fat is in a certain type of steak or which cuts of pork have the most flavor. This insight means they can also make recommendations of certain types of meat for specific types of dishes, whether you are looking to pair something for incredible flavor or just want to focus on keeping a meal as healthy as possible.