Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special EventWorking With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

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Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

Planning a wedding and not sure what to do about food? Putting together a big party or family reunion and can't figure out what to serve? I've been there and done that – in fact, I've put together seven special events in the last decade and I know just how stressful putting together a menu can be. Working with a food service provider is the first step in taking some of the pressure off, but you'll still have to deal with choosing the food and ambience for your event. On this blog, I hope to provide you with plenty of advice and insight into planning the food portion of your event with the help of a professional food service company. I hope the information here helps you create a great memory that is sure to last a lifetime.

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Why People Are Judging You On Your Business' Coffee

In a world that's ever more addicted to coffee, you might not have thought about how your choice of coffee for the office affects your company's reputation. That probably means you're serving bad coffee or none at all. Here's how that's affecting your business:

When You're Not Offering Coffee At All

Not offering any coffee or refreshments at all can send a bad message. It says that you don't care about your customers' comfort while they are waiting to speak with one of your employees or while they are discussing a business deal with you. If you are the type of business that has a lobby, it makes sense to offer high-quality coffee to customers as they wait. If you just have your own coffee brewer, you might not want to invite guests back into the workspace to make their own coffee; instead, you can offer them a cup as soon as they walk in the door, and have a receptionist or other employee make the cup for them. 

When You're Offering Low-Quality Coffee

Offering low-quality coffee is almost as bad as nothing at all. You want to put your best foot forward in everything you present to clients. So, if you offer them a low-quality cup of coffee, they might wonder what other low-quality products you're going to pass off on them. Instead, if you have delicious coffee stocked in your office, you will be setting the bar high from the beginning in terms of your company's standards. That $1 coffee could be something that subtly conveys your business' value before you even speak. 

It's Time to Remedy This!

So, you're wondering how you can go about getting better coffee for your business to offer customers. For the absolute best in quality, consider local coffee roasters that make their coffee with care and source it from ethical, high-quality growers. You can probably visit some local coffee roasters and try out their beans for yourself. If coffee isn't your thing, make it a work outing and take some of your coffee-loving employees along to help you pick out the best new coffee brand for your office. Many local coffee roasters will give you discounts on bulk orders or recurring orders, so you won't end up paying $5 a cup or something outrageous. Try it out if you want to start wowing your customers even more.