Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special EventWorking With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

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Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

Planning a wedding and not sure what to do about food? Putting together a big party or family reunion and can't figure out what to serve? I've been there and done that – in fact, I've put together seven special events in the last decade and I know just how stressful putting together a menu can be. Working with a food service provider is the first step in taking some of the pressure off, but you'll still have to deal with choosing the food and ambience for your event. On this blog, I hope to provide you with plenty of advice and insight into planning the food portion of your event with the help of a professional food service company. I hope the information here helps you create a great memory that is sure to last a lifetime.

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The Veggie Burger Revolution Goes Kosher

Giving up red meat is a non-starter for many people. They love the taste of an all-fashioned hamburger and have no plans for cutting it out of their diets. Besides, lean burgers provide an excellent source of protein. The drawback with a hamburger is the saturated fat content. Some opt to go with kosher beef hoping the positive aspects of kosher selections overcomes the disadvantages of "standard" meat. The idea makes sense, but another option now emerges. The meatless burger arrives. And yes, there is a kosher version of the "plant sandwich."

Going with the Veggie Option

No one should feel surprised that plant-based burgers receive kosher certification. Veggie/vegan meals can easily be made under kosher rules. Extending menu options to include a veggie burger probably required little work. Some may still wonder if the whole kosher veggie burger idea is for real. Is all the buzz about these new burgers too good to be true? And why is there buzz now when meatless veggie burgers have been around for years? The likely answer is no company drove a mainstream marketing push before. Now, the big push arrives, and more people notice.

The Veggie Burger Revolution

Sometimes, the market landscape must be right for a particular marketing push. Meatless burgers once occupied limited space in the frozen food section almost exclusively. Demand wasn't too strong. Today, far more people want to give a plant-based burger a try. Several reasons exist:

  1. Climate Inspired: News reports suggest eating red meat contributes to climate change. Millions of people take matters related to climate change seriously. So, if plant burgers provide a decent red meat alternative, they'll feel an inclination to buy.
  2. Increased Access: Popular restaurants now carry veggie burgers. Since there are more places to buy burgers, more customers will select them. Persons ordering pre-packaged kosher meal plans can even place orders for them.
  3. Positive Reviews: Reviews for veggie burgers appear favorable. Years of attempting to improve the manufacturing process led to a great result. The modern version of the veggie burger does taste close to meat, which helps sales.

Expect the popularity of veggie burgers to increase. There's a lot to praise about them. Lower calories and less fat ranks as two top benefits. A plant-based burger, however, isn't automatically kosher. Ordering from a kosher diet meal service may be the preferable option. Doing so is easy, and you can feel confident you'll get what you want.

For more information about kosher diet meals, contact a company like 5 Meals.