Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special EventWorking With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

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Working With a Food Service Provider for Your Special Event

Planning a wedding and not sure what to do about food? Putting together a big party or family reunion and can't figure out what to serve? I've been there and done that – in fact, I've put together seven special events in the last decade and I know just how stressful putting together a menu can be. Working with a food service provider is the first step in taking some of the pressure off, but you'll still have to deal with choosing the food and ambience for your event. On this blog, I hope to provide you with plenty of advice and insight into planning the food portion of your event with the help of a professional food service company. I hope the information here helps you create a great memory that is sure to last a lifetime.

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4 Things to Do When Ordering Water Delivery

Many people avoid tap water because of the impurities it can carry. In some parts of the United States, water is treated with fluoride or other chemicals that people would rather avoid. Purified filtered, however, water gives you a clean taste without chemicals. A water delivery service can ensure you always have enough pure water to keep yourself hydrated. Here are four things you should do when deciding to take advantage of water delivery services:

1. Choose the type of water you want.

All water delivery services provide clean, potable water. However, you will have a few additional options. You can choose ordinary filtered water or distilled water. Filtered water has impurities removed. It's often filtered using reverse osmosis or ion exchange. Filtered water still contains some minerals that give water its familiar taste. If you want the purest water possible, you can order distilled water instead. Distilled water has had all of its minerals removed. Some people order distilled water for use in irons and other household appliances since it will not cause mineral buildup over time.

2. Decide what size water containers you need.

Water can be delivered in various containers. Office buildings usually take advantage of large containers to reduce waste. You can purchase five or ten gallon jugs of water that fit into water dispensers. These dispensers can be used to fill disposable cups for a sanitary solution. If you prefer the ease of single-serving containers, you can purchase water bottles. Packages of 12-ounce water bottles allow people to take pure water with them wherever they go. Residential customers may enjoy the ease of water bottles that require no special dispensers and can be easily stored in a refrigerator.

3. Figure out how often you need water shipments.

You can choose the frequency of your water shipments. People purchasing water for home use will require significantly less water than people buying water for an entire office. Based on your rate of water consumption, you can determine how often you should schedule water shipments. Some high-volume water consumers need weekly or biweekly shipments, while most residential customers are best served with monthly deliveries.

4. Make sure you can adjust deliveries as needed.

Water use doesn't always stay constant over time. When it's hot outside, you will probably find that water consumption increases. If you need to add more water to your next shipment or postpone a delivery, make sure that's an option. Look for a water delivery service that allows you to make adjustments to your usual order without charging extra fees.

For more information, contact companies such as Dean's Waterservice Inc.